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We are a place for people to feel loved, accepted, and to find God’s will for their life.

June 23 2024 - Pastor Phil Stevens


Opening Hymn- #352

Welcome and Prayer
"The Lord's Prayer" by Matt Maher
Invitation Hymn- #316


June 23- VBS Meeting at 4:30p Winfall Location

June 29- Women's Social 1pm - Head count needed.

(Please Contact 434-473-4649. Please bring a side or dessert)

July 6- Clothes Closet doors open at 10am

Ongoing Small Groups

SMALL GROUPS - current location is at Winfall unless noted otherwise

Sunday 10am - Sunday School Groups
Tuesday 10am - Bible Study BCC Location (open to anyone)

Tuesday 6pm - Women's Bible Study WBC location

Cancelled this week - Wednesday 7pm - 3 John
Thursday 6:30pm - Acts 29 Youth
Cancelled this week - Friday 10am - Matthew

Children’s Ministry

June 23 Worship Service Nursery- Noah and RaeAnne T
Children's Church -Phillip and Shirley R

Prayer Requests

Theresa -shoulder Surgery
Joan- Broken Shoulder

Hunt Asbury - cancer

Dana Callahan - cancer

Tommy Blanchard - stroke

Levi Shull

(He’s 11 & just underwent his 20th brain surgery; He has Hydrocephalus)

Cheryl (Peggy's daughter)

Gary Fariss (Robin's Brother)

JoAnne Whitaker's family
Aaron Bruhnsen's Family
Preston Elliott's Family

Oliver Tucker- 20 yr old with Cancer (has wife and new baby)

Peggy and Jim Blevins
Ella Grace Neal- Robin's niece

Ethan (Bob B's Nephew)
CH Leonard III family
Tex & Virginia Stephens
Kowalski Family
Brooke Elliott
Ken & Carly Jenkins
Dale Daniel
Dennis Cowart
Jennifer (Vicki's friend)
Barbara Yoder
Cora Fuller has childhhod Leukemia (Elizabeth Sams Relative)
Mrs Cyrus-stroke
Colman Family
Lindsey Worrell-Cancer
Gina Bade-cancer
Greg Middaugh—cancer
John Martin
Charlene Stephenson(Julie T's Aunt)
Evan Vinesar
Brooke- 8yr old- cancer
Mason-5yr old- surgery for mass
Candi Leigh Wright- Cancer
Christina & Steven Pierce
Susan Carter
Christy Herald/family
Wesley Evans
Heaven Hunter(Ellen's Co worker)
Brian French
Mary Mitchell
Jeremy Hartless(Heather Senise and Steven Pierce's cousin)
Allen Daniel
Susie Holt
Seger Family
Lydia Myers
Jason Tweedy
Ryan Atkins
Steve Moseley
Wilkerson Family
Andy Arendas
**Israel Nation**‎

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